Raccoon Damage


Scenario: You have a nice, warm, water tight home that is perfect for your living needs including food, water, and shelter from the elements. Such a perfect place for you is also a perfect place for all sorts of wildlife. One such species of wildlife that likes to make your home their home is a raccoon.

Nocturnal creatures, raccoons like to make their homes in your attic, it’s very dark, fully insulated against the heat and cold, free from rain and thunderstorms, and is quite comfortable for them.

You, however, are not very comfortable having uninvited house guests of the wild animal kind, and who could blame you?

At Animal Removal Austin TX we have a great deal of experience in removing the raccoons who’ve taken up residence in your home, whether they’re in the attic, the crawl space, or your living space.  Give us a call and visit our website to read up on all of our services! 1-844-247-WILD (9453)


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