Do People Still Have Pen pals?

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Finding a snail mail pen friend used to be rather straight forward. All one had to do was to have a look at the personal columns of information papers and magazines and write to any pen pal clubs who had their commercials there but the net changed all that. People deserted Grant Valkaria Rat Removal snail mail pen friend clubs in favour of internet dating sites however there are people that aren’t computer savvy or prefer to correspond with others the old-fashioned manner, the benefits of this are the dangers of internet dating compared with correspondence by letter. What can be more personal than receiving a handwritten letter through the post?

So how does one make the initial contact when there are so few in any correspondence clubs advertised in the newspapers? Some safe guards need to be set in place when making any initial contact online which includes not using an email address in any ads you place or set up a separate email address for the sole purpose of finding a pen pal.

Again you can do a Google search to locate the addresses of local newspapers in the regions where you would like to make new friends. This can result in some enquiries.

Another option is that you can make the first contact through dating sites but ask in your profile which you’re seeking snail mail pen friends. There will be a certain number of individuals who prefer contact this way.

I first began writing to pen pals in 1985 after noticing an ad for a pen pal club in a British magazine and ended up subscribing to their contact magazine. Most of the ads in the magazine were from the Uk. I wrote to several who promoted but my most important responses came when I placed my own ad in the magazine. I got up to around 30 responses from some of the ads I placed and a few I clicked with and got around to meeting up together when I went over into the United Kingdom. Other people who have started writing as pen pals ended up being married to them whether that was their intention or not, who knows? It just shows you a fascinating hobby like writing to pen pals may have a significant effect of where your life goes.

Corresponding with people from other countries and other cultures can be a rewarding an interesting pastime. There are fewer pen pal type publications available these days because of the popularity of dating sites and the ones that remain, have an internet presence.

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